Your way to personal prevention, and finding the architecture of safety pyramid.


Why IAODG Ltd.

The works IAODG can also help to uncover your fears such as dreaming for the future, failure, change or disruption of our system of functioning. We all have some fear. Keeping a work is beneficial to anyone who engages in any activity professionally or recreationally, and especially, they want to be prepared not to be surprised.


IAODG increases self-confidence in your ability. Together with the system or any others event we are preparing for you, our view of your investissement can provide the necessary assurance for you, that you have made the best for your success.

  • 1 PHASE
    is to understand the preparation of Tactical Thinking = Psychology
  • 2 PHASE
    is to learn the work blocks body work = Physiology
  • 3 PHASE
    is to engage in the system of the productivity = Involvement of mind and body in action


We cooperate with a lot of Czech companies who are expert in C4, ISR, EW and we can integrate their particular equipment or systems into complex turnkey solution.

Electronic warfare tactics and organization

JISR Institute can provide tailored solution for different missions and tasks for customers - army special JISR and EW teams. Resource "subject matter experts" principle.

Independent oil service company NEW OIL GENERATION Czech Republic hereby confirms that company IAODG, Ltd. has provided us with complex programme of crisis training, defence and survival courses, and special security services and support for both our individual employees and technical teams before and during our oil service operations abroad. All the services provided by our contractor IAODG, Ltd. have been conducted on highest quality level and have been crucial for security of our staff working in crisis areas abroad. Company IAODG, Ltd. and its CEO, Mr. Stanislav Gazdik, have our full recommendations.
Jakub HodinarCEO



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